Choosing to Install Laminate Flooring in Your House

The type of flooring that you choose to have installed in your home is a factor that will impact your quality of life in a number of meaningful ways. In addition to playing a major role in the appearance of the interior of the house, it will also have an impact on the amount of work that is needed for cleaning and maintaining the flooring. Unfortunately, choosing an attractive and durable flooring option can be difficult when a person is giving too much credit to some common myths and assumptions.

Myth: Laminate Flooring Is Soft Enough to Be Extremely Vulnerable to Scratching

Laminate flooring is a popular option due to its affordability. Yet, individuals may assume that this type of flooring will be extremely vulnerable to suffering scratching. While it is true that laminate flooring can suffer scratches, it will typically have comparable or better scratch resistance than wood flooring. Furthermore, there are laminate flooring options that are specifically engineered to offer additional scratch protection, but this type of flooring will have a higher purchase cost.

Myth: Laminate Flooring Will Be Extremely Difficult To Repair When It Suffers Wear Or Damage

While laminate flooring can be extremely durable, it is still possible for it to eventually suffer fairly significant damage. Luckily, repairing laminate flooring is fairly easy and inexpensive. For example, this flooring is typically installed in a series of planks, and this will allow for the damaged planks to be removed and replaced. By keeping these repairs isolated to the particular planks that have suffered damage, these repairs can be both affordable and quick to complete.

Myth: Laminate Floors Will Look Noticeably Artificial

The look of the floors that you have in your home is another important consideration. Unfortunately, there is a tendency for people to assume that laminate flooring will always have a very artificial look to it. This can discourage them from pursuing this option if they are wanting a floor that more closely resembles natural wood. However, laminate flooring can be made to very closely resemble the color and texture of wood flooring so that you will still be able to create the type of design that you are wanting. As an added benefit, laminate flooring options may be less prone to bleaching as a result of intense sunlight exposure, which can allow your floors near the windows to retain a vibrant color for significantly longer before fading can be expected to start occurring.

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