Is It Time To Replace My Residential Hardwood Flooring?

Residential hardwood flooring has a timeless appeal and can last a long time if it's well maintained. However, over time it can wear down and become susceptible to damage. For instance, in case of floods if you are not able to dry the flooring as soon as possible, it may be severely damaged requiring you to replace the floors. When deciding whether or not to replace your hardwood floors, some of the elements to look out for are defects like discoloration, sagging, and a warped look. You can call a professional flooring contractor to inspect your floor and help you decide whether or not to replace the floor. Here are circumstances when you should replace your hardwood flooring:

Damaged Subfloor

The subfloor sits underneath the hardwood flooring itself, and it plays an important role in supporting the structural integrity of your house as a whole. Subfloors can become damaged over time because of water leakage or simply old age. Some of the indicators of a damaged subfloor include sunken parts, hardwood floor cupping, or squeaky noises. If your subfloor is wet due to water leakage, it will damage the underside of your hardwood floors. If it's severely damaged, you may have to replace the hardwood floor and the subfloor as well. If you suspect that your subfloor is damaged, contact a professional floor contractor to inspect the extent of damage to help you determine if you need to replace the hardwood floors.

Extreme Wear and Tear

While some minor dents and scratches can be fixed by sanding and finishing the floor, if your hardwood floors are extremely worn out, it may be time to replace them. Extreme wear and tear can be caused by old age or incidents like floods or fire. Some of the signs of extreme wear and tear include deep scratches and holes, missing boards, warping, and discoloration. If these problems can't be fixed with sanding, refinishing, and polishing, it might make sense to replace the floor with brand new hardwood.

Need to Change Your Design

If you are doing major home renovations, you may also need to change the flooring to match the new style and design. The good thing is that there are many modern hardwood floors designs, styles, and colors that can match your theme and house design. You can consult a professional hardwood floor contractor to help you choose a suitable design to match your current needs. It's also important to ensure that the new hardwood floor is properly installed by a professional.

Most homeowners are not sure when they should replace their hardwood floors. If your subfloor is extremely damaged or the hardwood floors are extremely worn out, it's important to contact a professional floor contractor from a place like Bentley Adams Tile & Wood Flooring to inspect the issue and help you decide whether or not to replace the floors.

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