Tips For Choosing A Carpet Stair Runner

If you like the look and comfort that a carpet stair runner provides, it can be fun to start shopping for a carpet product that you'll use in this way in your home. There's little question that a carpet stair runner can be a valuable addition to a flight of stairs, but it's important that you choose the right carpet. Visiting a flooring store that carries many different carpet styles will allow you to browse a large number of options to ensure that you make the right choice. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you choose your carpet stair runner.


People tend to choose carpet stair runners that are a contrasting color to their stairs. With the stair runner in place, several inches of the stair treads and risers will be visible on each side of the carpet. If you have brown hardwood stairs, a brown carpet stair runner can be a poor choice because neither flooring material will really stand out. Choosing something in a contrasting hue — cream-colored carpet, for example — will make both the stair runner and the hardwood flooring be focal points in this part of your home.


With carpet available in a countless number of patterns, you'll have lots of choices when you shop for a stair runner. Some people favor a plain look, while others prefer a carpet that has a vibrant pattern. If you like the idea of a patterned carpet, you should be careful about what pattern you choose. Generally, you'll want to stay away from anything with lines that run parallel to the stair treads. In certain patterns, these lines may make it unclear exactly where the edge of the stair tread is, potentially resulting in the risk of a misstep — especially for people who are visiting your home and aren't used to the look of the stairs. Diagonal lines, for example, will be a safer choice.


While thick carpet can be desirable in many areas of your home, it tends to be a good idea to choose a thinner type of carpet to use as a stair runner. If the carpet is too thick, there can be too much of a height difference between the carpet and the exposed stair wood. This creates a small ledge on which people could potentially stumble. With a thinner carpet, people will be able to use the stairs with confidence, even if their feet land partially on the carpet and partially on the wood. Visit a carpet store to shop for the right stair runner for your home.

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