Concrete Floor Repairs That Restore Beauty To Your Flooring

Concrete floors are beautiful, but just like outdoor concrete, indoor flooring can develop cracks and holes. This damage can detract from the appearance of your floor, so you'll want to call a concrete floor repair contractor for help. Here are some ways to repair an interior concrete floor.

Stamp The Concrete

If the cracking or other damage is widespread, but not a structural problem, then stamping the concrete could be a solution. This involves putting a new layer of cement over the old concrete. The overlay is thin but thick enough to cover damaged areas. This gives the concrete a new surface.

You can leave the surface as is and polish it, or you could have designs stamped in the concrete before the cement hardens. Stamping the concrete not only repairs the damage but also gives your floor an entirely new look. Your floor could look like it's made of stones or tiles rather than concrete.

Patch The Concrete

Cracks and holes can be filled in with concrete patching material. This is a good approach if the floor doesn't have much damage since the entire floor isn't covered with new cement. Only the area with cracks or holes is filled with patching material.

A concrete floor repair contractor can choose the right material so that it blends in with your floor. Some materials made to repair cracks in floors may show once the work is done. This can make your floor less attractive, so working with a repair contractor that leaves repairs invisible is important.

Patching involves putting a very thin layer of the patch material over the damaged area and then sealing it once it's dry. The floor can then be polished to give the repaired area a deep shine.

Refinish The Floor

If your concrete floor looks old and stained, then refinishing could be the right solution. Damaged areas are repaired first, and then the floor can be polished, stained, or covered with a coating. You have a lot of options when it comes to concrete floor refinishing.

You can change the color of the floor or give the floor a deep sheen. You can find a refinishing method that's perfect for upgrading your garage floor, making your basement floor attractive, or giving your home glamour by beautifying the concrete floors throughout your kitchen and living space.

Talk to a concrete floor repair contractor about all of the ways to restore your concrete floor. Since concrete floors last a long time, you'll want to love the results since you'll be looking at your floor every day for many years. 

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