Why You Should Choose Hardwood For Your Residential Flooring Installation

If you're building a custom home, you might be wondering what kind of flooring material you should use in your new home. One of the materials that is becoming more popular due to its durability, beauty, and versatility is hardwood flooring for residential flooring installation. Here are some reasons why hardwood makes a good choice for residential flooring installation.

1. Premium Style and Design

The premium look of hardwood makes it a natural choice for any residential flooring installation. From its looks to its durability, hardwood floors are preferred by homeowners and builders alike. You have various premium choices you can get in the country and abroad. If you want a truly unique look, hardwood is ideal. 

2. Renewable With Sanding 

Today's hardwoods are so superior to their predecessors that they can be sanded and refinished. That's right: engineered hardwoods (also known as composite woods) look, feel, and perform like solid wood flooring - but have a better strength-to-weight ratio than steel or concrete. Sanding after every few years makes your floor look good as new.

3. Warm on the Feet in Cold Weather

Nothing is better than walking into a home that's toasty warm on your feet. With hardwood flooring, you can feel confident protecting your family from cold floors in the fall and winter. For optimal comfort, use thicker planks with insulating underlayment and quality sound-proofing materials. 

There is no need for carpeting when you have a hardwood flooring installation, so you save money and avoid carpet cleaning costs. You also avoid the accumulation of allergens. The good thing is that the right hardwood floor will complement any design style and last for decades with proper care. 

4. Highly Durable 

No matter what your flooring needs are, hardwood's durability ensures that it will maintain its value. With proper maintenance, floors can last very long. Some historic buildings retain hardwood flooring after several centuries. If you're looking to give your new home a touch of class without sacrificing affordability, look no further than hardwoods.

5. Keeps Value 

A well-kept hardwood floor has a timeless elegance that will last for generations. The beauty of wood floors is that they can be refinished and restored to their original splendor repeatedly, making them an investment in your home's value. In fact, removing hardwood flooring often leads to a fall in value, so keeping it is a strong investment. 

Wood floors add style and class to your home, giving it a good value that will last for the floor's lifetime. Whether you are building a new home or remodeling, it is a good choice. Call a residential flooring installer to learn if hardwood can work for your new residential flooring installation. 

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