Is It Possible To Paint Wood Flooring?

If you are tired of the look of your old hardwood floor and would like to have it replaced, painting could be an option. If your hardwood floors are still in good condition, you might choose to paint the floor to add a new look, instead of replacing the floor entirely. There are even plenty of designs and patterns you can paint on if you don't want just one color for your floor. However, keep in mind that painted floors wear out more than stained or sealed hardwoods and will look worn after only a few years of use. 

Type of Wood

Not all types of wood flooring can be successfully painted. If the wood flooring you're working with is finished to a high gloss, it's too slick for the paint to stick even with sanding. Laminated and engineered wood products vary on how well they take paint. The smart thing to do is to research your wood floor to see if it's possible to paint the material. Check out the floor manufacturer for specific details before you start a project that could end up a mess. If you're buying flooring for this purpose, tell your flooring supplier what you plan to do so they can guide you to the right product.

Preparation and Priming

If you have decided that painting the floor is the best option for you, then you'll have to prep the floor properly. First, the floor should be deep cleaned of any oil, dirt, or other residues. Then the surface needs power sanding to give the primer something to grip to. Prime only damaged or worn areas and lightly sand the floor again before the paint coat. Wipe down the sanded floor before priming or painting to remove dust.


Most paint products can't handle the stress of foot traffic on the average floor. Some of the most durable paint is oil-based. It lasts longer and can take more damage than latex paint. You want to avoid any acrylic paint products and those that are not designed for floor use. Even with good preparations and tough oil-based floor paint, you'll see wear beginning within a few years of painting.

Restoring the Flooring

If you paint your floor, you can most likely restore it to a natural finish later. It takes a lot of floor stripping chemicals or a floor sander to remove the paint, but that can be a big project. It's often easier to simply put in new hardwood flooring when replacing a painted floor to avoid days of sanding and vacuuming up paint dust.

Contact a local hardwood flooring company, such as Floors Plus, to learn more.

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