Three Common Questions About Hardwood Refinishing That Most New Owners Have

Hardwood flooring is a beautiful and very practical type of flooring that many people across the country use, and more and more are getting it installed every day. If you are considering getting hardwood floors installed, or you have already had them put in, then you might still have a few questions as a new owner of hardwood floors. It is unlike any other type of flooring, and you will need to get it refinished on regular occasions, but how regular? That and a few more questions are the most commonly held ones by new owners, and it is important you get to the bottom of them.

How Often Do You Need To Have Your Hardwood Floor Refinished?

While you do have to have your hardwood floor refinished on a regular timeline, that regular timeline is only about once every decade. It can be hard to plan that far ahead, so putting in a small sign on your hardwood floor to remind you is a good practice. Alternatively, you could try to put a reminder in a calendar or on a device of some kind, but often those will be thrown away before the decade is up, so having some kind of physical reminder on the floor is best, such as the date it was installed. 

Do Different Types Of Hardwood Have Different Refinishing Timelines?

The simple answer is no, not really. While there may be some minor differences in the amount of strength and hardness each type of hardwood has, in general, this is not enough to warrant updating your timeline for resurfacing. Whether you have oak, hickory, mahogany, or even something more unique like eucalyptus, hardwood flooring is renowned for lasting well no matter the exact type of wood you have, so rest assured in knowing it will be some time before the first refinishing.

How Many Times Can You Refinish Your Floors?

Because refinishing does involve a little bit of sanding down your floors, it does eventually mean that it can no longer be done or it would threaten the structural stability of the timber. The only way to determine how many times your hardwood floor refinishing can be done in your home is by knowing how thick the boards are. Some studies suggest that refinishing can take off up to 1/16th an inch of your floor, so when you have it installed, ask how thick it is and how many times the contractor thinks it can be refinished, and you will get a more definitive answer. At the very least your floor will last for decades, so don't be too worried. 

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