Benefits Of Wire-Brushed Hardwood Flooring

While a lot of hardwood flooring has a smooth, pristine-looking appearance, there are plenty of other hardwood products that have a different look. Visiting a flooring supplier will give you a chance to see a variety of styles that you may want in your home. One style is known as wire-brushed flooring. As its name suggests, this is flooring that is scratched with a wire brush during the manufacturing process. You'll find wire-brushed flooring in several different woods and colors, making it easy to match this style to your home if you wish.

Here are some benefits of wire-brushed hardwood flooring

Hides Scratches

It's possible for hardwood flooring to get scratched over its lifetime. Moving furniture can sometimes cause scratches, while dogs may also scratch the wood with their nails. This can be a problem when you choose a hardwood product that has a smooth, pristine finish, but it's not necessarily an issue with wire-brushed flooring. This type of hardwood product is covered in countless small scratches, so adding a few new scratches over the years won't be overly visible. This type of flooring's ability to easily hide new scratches makes it a favorite style for many families.

Offers More Traction

High-gloss hardwood floors offer a beautiful and clean look in your home, but you might find that this finish feels slippery underfoot. The traction of hardwood may especially be important to a family with young children who have a habit of running in the home, as well as older people who are concerned about falling. You'll often find that wire-brushed hardwood flooring has less of a slick finish. The result is more of a feeling of traction underfoot, which a lot of people will appreciate.

Provides A Rustic Look

If you have rustic furniture in your home and you decorate in a rustic style, you might find that high-gloss hardwood flooring isn't a good visual fit. Instead of thinking about other flooring materials, consider the look of wire-brushed hardwood. This type of flooring often has a rustic look that can work well in a room or an entire home that has a rustic vibe. You will have no trouble choosing hardwood that matches or complements the furniture that you already own, which will ensure that everything looks right once the flooring installation is complete. Visit a hardwood flooring supplier to check out its inventory of wire-brushed hardwood for sale.

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