Is A Full Body Massage Chair Different From Other Massage Chairs?

Buying a massage chair can be a great way to experience relaxation in the privacy of your home at your convenience. So, when starting out on your search for the perfect massage chair, you may run across several types of chairs and wonder what the difference between them are. The most common type of chair that one will see is a full body massage chair. So, is a full body massage chair different than other massage chairs?

To answer that question, let’s first take a look at what a full body massage chair does. Full body massage chair compare concentrate on typically every area of a person’s body, including the neck, shoulders, back, feet, calves, arms and even the hands on some newer models. Most chairs can be adjusted, primarily in the shoulder area to allow the user to have the chair close enough to their body for a suitable massage. Most full body massage chairs also recline for the optimal position of comfort for the user.

Then there are upper body massage chairs. These types of chairs only concentrate on the upper portions of the body including the arms, shoulders, and neck. Some of these chairs may recline, but in many cases do not.

Air massage chairs use air bags instead of the usual rollers found in massage chairs. This allows for a much softer massage to the legs, feet, hands, and arms. Some chairs will have a roller system for the back area that works with the air bags in other areas to work synergistically to provide a more complete body massage experience.

Perhaps the most common chair that people have come across is the Ottoman massage chair, which can be found in most people’s living rooms. These look like your typical recliner placed in a living room or den, and often come with heat and limited massage settings. They have been around in existence the longest and are a budget-friendly alternative to many of the newer salon type chairs. They are also more practical for daily use and occupy less space than other massage chairs.

The Chair Institute offers an interesting and in-depth explanation of different types of massage chairs and explains their designs and functions. Full body massage chairs have evolved tremendously over the years and are very different from other massage chairs on the market. The Chair Institute likes to classify massage chairs into two categories; therapeutic and hobbyist. Therapeutic meaning having more qualities concentrated on pain relief, deep tissue massage, heat, and even stretching. Hobbyist chairs have features such as musical or Bluetooth technology, memory slots, ionized air, and so on.

Full body massage chairs definitely have vast differences from other massage chairs in regard to feeling like you are getting a massage from your head to your feet. And with the ever-growing technological advances in full body massage chairs, you may never want to leave your chair!